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Is a process by which lye is blended with oils and butters, then poured into a mold and left to saponify for 24 -36 hours. It is then cut into...


Each batch is carefully planned with a theme, design and scent to match.  Most of my inspiration comes from the beauty that surrounds us here in...


Once the soap has matured, and I am satisfied with the result, it is then lovingly packaged and ready to compliment your home.

Bathe yourself
in Luxury!

Each bar in our collection lovingly hand made and unique, will add artistic flair to any room.

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handmade soap

It is so delightful and intriguing to create something beautiful and hopefully inspiring to others who love this craft.

The Art of Soap Making is boundless, it is continuously evolving and becoming a definite class of its own.

If you like colour and design, you will love my cold process soaps.

We use sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients including quality selected oils, butters, additives, cosmetic grade colourant, essential oils, infusions, hydrosols and fragrance.

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“All our natural soaps are handmade and crafted with care, charm and beautiful scents to begin your day with sunshine”

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My friend gifted me a couple of Muskoka Artisans Soaps for my Birthday and I was pleasantly surprised! My skin is quite sensitive and the soaps left my skin really soft and clear and smelling fresh! I now prefer Muskoka Artisans Soaps over the usual store bought soaps and will definitely keep using them and purchase some more! They do make great gifts

Sylvie St. Ours

Muskoka Artisan Soaps are a lovely addition to my home. I enjoy the unique fragrance that they add to my bathrooms. Graffiti and Honeysuckle are my favorites so far. The Honey Body scrub soap is also pleasent to use.


Muskoka soap is the best soap I have ever experienced. Whether I'm using one of the fresh flower or the all-time favourite pumpkin spice smell, it never fails to amaze me how long the smell lingers around after each use. The fragrances are simply amazing. The essential oils used in them make my skin feel beautiful and silky smooth.The stunning colours are beautifully blended together for an overall lovely piece of art.I love the careful thought put into each unique design; they have proven to be great gift ideas to family, friends, and co-workers.


I’ve used a few different varieties of her soap and I’ve loved them all. You can tell she uses good quality ingredients. Between the scents, the different layers and all the artistic designs, you’re buying an amazing experience every time you step in the bathtub! Shannon is truly an artist!

Shannon Gardiner

I'm so impressed with your variety of soap products. They are silky soft and bubbly. Everything from the aromatic array of scents to the designs and colours bring about a calming experience. My husband loves the Green Man soap.

Lynn Lamkiewicz
Lynn Lamkiewicz